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you deserve to have Simon Green

For such a special day you need to be sure that everything runs like clockwork - and you do not want to be the one to have to check everything off your list. Simon Green will give that extra element of pomp to the occasion, which will make your wedding seem even more splendid. He will remain unobtrusive to the bridal party, allowing the bride and groom to concentrate on enjoying their day.

Simon’s duties will include:

Formal events often require specific etiquette; the adherence to correct precedence and use of titles, honours and awards.

Such knowledge is studied and essential for the smooth running of such events and Simon has the dignity and discretion necessary alongside the requisite understanding of the necessary protocols.

Simon will ensure that the correct protocol is maintained and, if required, will advise guests about what is required of them.

Sometimes the event may be less formal but Simon will still maintain the timetable for the event alongside helping to keep the friendly formality that the day requires. Simon will also take on the role of managing the event by liasing with the key partners of the day - banqueting manager, organising parties and entertainers.

The key to a successful barmitzvah, bat-mitzvah or bat-chayil is the balance of fun and formality - with fun being the over-riding element.

It takes a special toastmaster to maintain that balance - formality for the grown-ups and fun for the celebrant and their friends - and Simon is the man for the job.

Simon is fully conversant with the customs and religious requirements of the day, and fully aware that everybody is there to have a good time.

Special anniversaries, special birthdays, engagement parties, Sikh weddings, Hindu Weddings - all need the delicate touch of a third party to make them run smoothly - and of course to help your guests make the most of the special day.

Whatever the occasion - whether you need formality or fun - call Simon for his advice and help to make the day a special day for both you and your guests.

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